Quick start - D.AI.SY - english


Follow the steps below to REGISTER D.AI.SY

STEP 1: Download the TronLink, Klever or TokenPocket to your mobile device.

STEP 2: Deposit USDT / TRC20 into your Tron Link wallet with the amount required to purchase your packages.

STEP 3: Click the "Recognise / Browser" icon at the bottom to display the DApps browser in the Tron wallet.

STEP 3.1: You need TRX / Tron tokens in the same wallet to cover the Tron blockchain transaction fee. For each tier purchase, the total is 150 Tron and in most cases.

NOTE: (You must only insert the referral link in the DAPPS browser. Otherwise it will not work).

STEP 4: Paste the referral link into the DAPP search bar and press Enter.

Referral link: daisy.global/r/smoking1

STEP 5: The DAISY screen will then open. Authorise your wallet for DAISY.

STEP 6: Enter your desired username and start contributing levels.
Note: (The username must be in lower case with no spaces. Please make a note of your username when you register).

Your referral should include the username at the end. If your referral link is daisy.global/r/, simply add the username after "r /".

How do I log in to my account after registering DAISY?

STEP 1: Paste this link https://daisy.global into the DAPP search bar and press Enter.
STEP 2: Click on Sign in automatically.
You will be in Daisy Back Office when you have successfully logged in.

It's never too late to get started